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Starve a Vampire!

13, 12, 2009

With vampire inspired make-up dominating the fashion pages of magazines and children and adults alike flocking to see the highly anticipated “New Moon” film, The American Red Cross looks to have taken full advantage of the current vampire craze.

The “Starve a Vampire. Give Blood Campaign” kicked off in August, with the aim of collecting more than 3,400 blood donations. In association with the  CW Network and Alloy Media + Marketing to promote their new show “The Vampire Diaries”, each blood drive would feature a refreshment area, free promotional material and of course a trailer for the new show.

Stephanie Millian of the American Red Cross  said “the target demographic for these vampire-related shows matches well with the Red Cross focus on the youth market and the promotion was just something these students could sink their teeth into.”

With an excellent play on an vampire’s constant need for fresh blood, this campaign shows that simple ideas can be the most effecitve. However, it’s a bit disappointing  to see the vampire stars of the show in such a classic “sexy” pose. Although, the female does catch your attention, which is what the campaign aims to do, it’s all a bit clichéd; girl in low-cut dress, legs on show provocatively pouting whilst lying between two hot men. Oh well, maybe it’s meant to help get peoples blood pumping!

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