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Twiggy lets her secret slip!

16, 12, 2009

 “Olay is my secret to brighter-looking eyes.” Well, it would seem that’s not all Twiggy. After 700 complaints gathered by Liberal Democrat Jo Swindon in a campaign against air-brushing in advertising, The Advertising Standards Authority has banned Twiggy’s latest print ad for Olay Definity eye illuminator. In its ruling, it said “the post-production retouching of this ad, specifically in the eye area, could give consumers a misleading impression of the effect the product could achieve.’ However, it rejected the claim that the advert was “socially irresponsible” as 

“We considered that consumers were likely to expect a degree of glamour in images for beauty products and would therefore expect Twiggy to have been professionally styled and made-up for the photo shoot, and to have been photographed professionally. We concluded that, in the context of an ad that featured a mature model likely to appeal to women of an older age group, the image was unlikely to have a negative impact on perceptions of body image among the target audience and was not socially irresponsible.”

Proctor & Gamble which manufacture Olay have said that they have already replaced the ad with an image that has ” no post production work in the eye area.”

No doubt, everyone will be keeping a look out to see whether Twiggy does have “younger-looking eyes” or whether she too is susceptible to under eye bags and wrinkles. Mmmm I wonder!  Yes this advert is airbrushed but what isn’t now-a-days? Even university graduation photo shoots now come with an (more exspensive) option to have yourself and your proud parents/guardians smoothed, brightened and teeth whitened. What I want to know though is will people be happier with Twiggys non-altered image or will they simply criticise her for well, being natural? For not having perfect child-like skin, for having visible pores, for having crows legs, laughter lines and wrinkles? Will sales of Olay fall, not because Twiggy has lines, so therefore the product musn’t work but, because Twiggy has lines and therefore, the appeal of trying to achieve the impossible act of looking like perfection is lost. Because surely you must be mad to want to look errr normal?

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