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2, 01, 2010

Lego’s latest advertisement  has captured exactly what children’s toys should be about – letting children use their imagination. 

 This advertisement grabs my attention so can you imagine what it must be like for a child? All those endless creations and possibilities.

 Just like when I was a child my ten-year old neighbour can happily spend hours building three-storey houses, fire-stations, restaurants and shops. The blue rug he is lying on becomes a lake and the chair legs giant trees. Bookshelves are daunting snowcapped mountains and windowsills ominous jagged cliff edges that drop to a choppy deep blue sea infested with killer sharks. Then the real adventure begins: armed robbers raid the village, taking two locals hostage and then make a run for the border. A police chase ensues, speedboats, cars, horses and helicopters! Chaos follows: animals escape and monsters attack until the day is saved by a giant half human half robot.  

Who needs a Nintendo Wii or DS-Lite when you have a box of coloured bricks? 


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