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Feel Fabulous?

4, 01, 2010

A brand New Year and thus a brand New You, or so the advertisers would like you to believe. Before Christmas, television viewing was interrupted by countless ads urging one to indulge, spoil and treat. Now January has dawned gluttony has been replaced by detox, discipline and restrict. The series of advertisements that grate my nerves the most are the Special K “Love your jeans challenge”, in particular this one:

I am all for the promotion of healthy eating but this is the promotion of pure yo-yo dieting. obviously if you stick to the challenge you will lose weight,  it’s replacing a meal with a 40g bowl of low-fat cereal. It’s not rocket science, it’s all about calorie intake vs calorie output. However, what happens when the 2 weeks is over, when you go back to how you were eating before buying countless varieties of Special K? It is a proven fact that those who embark on such dramatic weight loss regimes tend to put on more weight when they relax. What really gets on my nerves about this ad though is that the plan is only for those with a BMI of over 25 and thus overweight. Does the woman in the ad look like she has a BMI over 25 ? Does she look dramatically different from the image of her in her grey trackies to the image of her in her jeans after the challenge? Just how small exactly are those jeans she holds up to herself? I for one do not think she slips into those after 2 weeks. And what is with the other women applauding her weight loss. It’s like wow you are now thin again so you can join our group again and socialise. Imagine if this ad was subverted and all the women replaced with men, oh how we would laugh at them. So why don’t we laugh when it is aimed at us? Forget Kellogg’s and their “Feel Fabulous” slogan. It’s more like “Feel Fabulous but first let us make you feel fat.”

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